We, the SW BOCES Special Ed PTA (SEPTA) are an engaged and active group of parents and BOCES Staff dedicated to the success of our school programs. In close collaboration with the school director, principal, teachers and staff, we facilitate 6-10 events, programs and activities throughout the year. The SEPTA meets monthly August-June for about an hour. The Executive Board currently has five elected positions – parents and staff.  We need 3-4 committed volunteers from our membership to step up to the Executive Team , join with a friend!

·         SEPTA Founding Officers terms are over.

The founding Board Members terms are over. Erin, Phyllis, Donna, Marcella and Carol all want to continue serving the SEPTA in some capacity however NYS PTA bylaws dictate that we step down or change jobs.  Our SEPTA needs you to lend a hand if it is to continue to provide support to our community.

In addition to the elected positions, there are SEPTA “jobs” that need volunteers. Whatever your interest, there is a job for you! Parents/Staff typically assume a position for two years.

·         Support your child’s education by volunteering for the SEPTA.

Would you be willing to volunteer for the nominating committee? Our bylaws require us to assemble a nominating committee for SEPTA Elections in May. The responsibility of the nominating committee will be to meet to discuss possible candidates for all positions and interview viable candidates.

Did you know that many companies allow employees 2-4 hours of time off or flex time per month to volunteer in their community, or in their child’s school? Check with your Human Resources Department.

Back to School Welcome or Potluck AUGUST 2012 for an event in mid-September [needs 1-2 volunteers, total 8 hours]: Traditionally held near the start of the school year, the Back to School Potluck offers folks the chance to catch up with friends and meet the new BOCES SEPTA Families. The planning requires finding the date, publicizing the event, organizing set up and clean-up, getting food and supplies that SEPTA provides.

Bowling Party Fun-fundraiser (1-2 people, Time Commitment: Quarterly 1-2 hours) this person will coordinate with local bowling venues to host a SEPTA bowling party. Generally, attendees will buy tickets to the event with a portion of the sales going to the SEPTA.  Ample marketing such as flyers, email blasts, community outreach is needed to make the event truly successful.

Restaurant Nights Fun-fundraiser (1-2 people, Time Commitment: Quarterly 1-2 hours) this person will coordinate with local restaurant venues to host a SEPTA dining night. Generally, a percentage (10-20%) of the sales goes to the SEPTA.  Ample marketing such as flyers, email blasts, community outreach is needed to make the event truly successful.


President(s) The Presidents are the bedrock of our SEPTA. They preside over monthly SEPTA meetings in addition to preparing monthly agendas and reports and reviewing meeting minutes. The presidents ensure that the SEPTA is operating in accordance with NYS PTA Bylaws and spearhead revisions as needed. They work collaboratively with the administration and school staff to make sure that programs offered serve the needs of school and parent community. Presidents are available to talk with parents about ideas or concerns.

Vice President works closely with the President and administration to identify spending priorities for the year and develops the SEPTA budget, also monitors the budget throughout the school year and makes recommendations for additional expenditures.

Vice President Communications: The VPs of Communications maintain the SEPTA website, publish miscellaneous communications regarding events, and (in the future) design and assemble the SEPTA's directory. Total time commitment is about two hours per week. Lite knowledge of MS Word, and Excel is a plus, but not essential. The outgoing VPs will train you for the job.

NYS PTA asks parent members to mentor each other, share what we know and help others and build skills.

What do you want to achieve? Pick up some web skills, take on organizing teams of parents on a project, recruit speakers for educational events, or soliciting vendors for fundraising events.

(Looks great on a resume.)


PTA can help you get there.

“Special Projects” [need several volunteers]: VP of Special Projects helps out in various ways such as new family outreach and serving as a liaison between the Executive Committee and other SEPTA Activities. Time commitment: Because this role has limited specific duties, the time commitment is generally moderate at 2-4 hours per month but will be higher during the periods leading up to events. Volunteer with classmate’s parents or parents of friends!

Secretary [time commitment is 2-4 hours per month]: The Secretary is responsible for recording and publishing the monthly minutes for SEPTA meeting with special attention given to motions and actions taken in addition to maintaining copies of  SEPTA Minutes including attendance sheets.

Treasurer [time commitment 2-4 hours per month]: Pays the bills and balances the checkbook! Treasurer makes sure that individuals get reimbursed for purchases made on behalf of the SEPTA. The treasurer submits the balance sheet and bank statement to the bookkeeper at the end of every month and creates a report based on our budget/actual spending. The treasurer is also responsible for summarizing SEPTA expenses for the Executive Board. The treasurer also has a major role in creating and managing the budget working closely with the VP budget, President and Administration.

Non-elected but essential positions:

Room Parent Coordinator [one volunteer, approximately 1 hour per month]. The room parent coordinator works with the room parents to keep them informed and on-task with various PTA-sponsored events throughout the year. The job requires approximately 1 hour per month of computer-related work. Below are examples of room parent duties that the room parent coordinator helps oversee -- soliciting parent volunteers for various PTA-sponsored events (i.e.: Pot Luck, Bowling Party, Game Night, June Picnic and various educational programs and speakers. )

WIHD Representative [need 1 volunteer, 1-2 hours per month with more time during special events]: The WIHD rep. signs up for all public WIHD Mailing Lists on behalf of SEPTA, familiarizes themselves with WIHD and possibly serves as a representative of the SEPTA attending monthly or bi-monthly WIHD meetings, as able. Representative would communicate interests and engagement of the SEPTA Community to WIHD as well as serve to inform the SEPTA Community about the activities and needs of the WIHD programs.  Beyond attending the meetings and volunteering for special events during the school year, SEPTA’s WIHD Rep can expect to submit publicly available information from WIHD as it relates to SEPTA, possibly create/distribute flyers, and answer questions for SEPTA about WIHD events.

SEPTA Directory (1 person, Time Commitment: Fall timeframe, 1-3 hours per month initially) This person will update and revise the school directory form, input data and work with the VP of Communications to publish the directory online. The amount of time needed for this position is high at the start of the school year as forms come in.

Membership Coordinator [need volunteer, 6-8 hours in the fall and 1 hour per month throughout the year]: The membership/activity fee chairperson works with the Treasurer to track SEPTA donations and is responsible for creating and mailing the tax-thank you letters.

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator (1 person, Time Commitment: May 2-4 hours) The Coordinator will reach out to Room Parents to coordinate activities for Teacher Appreciation concluding with the June Picnic.


No amount of help is too small. Every SEPTA Job is important. Please join us.

Thank you!

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